Ozone Generator 5,000mg/h

  • EFFICIENCY & EFFECT: Ozone output between 3500~5000mg; Eliminate pollen, mold, cigarettes/cigars, pet smells, paint, other airborne irritants, etc. Helps to reduce allergens effectively
  • IMPROVED OUTLET DESIGN: Improved vertical bar shaped outlet for rapid ozone release to cover the indoor area in short time, fast purify your indoor air quality (Stay away while this generator is working)
  • ESSENTIAL PRE-FILTRATION: Premium high density cotton pad as the 1st filtration for large particles, hair, dust, etc., which is essential for not getting the air inlet stuck and ensures a better ozone outlet performance & efficiency
  • QUIET & POWERFUL: 80CFM fan allows you to clean up to a maximum space of 4500 square feet; 35dB noise (very quiet)