Air Tubing with Check Valve and Suction Cups

  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC MATERIAL: This silicone tubing is much softer, pliable, and overall just easier to use than plastic one. With no more strange smell it lasts longer too
  • NO-RETURN CHECK VALVE :Simple hard plastic body with a rubber one-way valve inside.Inexpensive insurance in case power fails...prevents water from siphoning back through tubing and ruining your pump...or worse
  • STRONG SUNCTION FORCE : These suction cups are made of soft plastic clear material which will stay firmly either outside or inside the tank with water
  • FLEXIBLE: They allow you to place your bubbler anywhere in the tank and anchor the tubing down to the tank bottom and up the corner and out of the tank. No more kinks or hard to place line
  • GREAT FOR AQUARIUM AND FISH TANK(Air Pump Accessories Needed): It comes with 1 back flow valves, 2 suction cups and 6.5 feet 3/16 inch ID standard airline hose. Convenient to set an air pump up for no need to find accessories elsewhere