4FT 8-Lamp T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture

  • BETTER BRIGHTER LAMPS:Shine 5,000 Lumens down onto your plants per 4 ft tube-All VIVOSUN T5 florescent tubes are HO (High-Output) tubes, which produce far more lumens than standard or HE tubes(8 tubes up to 40,000 Lumens
  • DUAL SWITCHES FOR SPECIALIZED SPECTRUMS:VIVOSUN T5 grow light fixture comes with 2 on/off switches allowing more flexible control over your system
  • ULTRA-REFLECTIVE SURFACE DELIVERS MORE LIGHT FOR LESS ENERGY:Low profile, powder coated housing with high-performance reflective aluminum shaped to maximize light intensity and distribution, delivering 95-97% reflectivity and wider coverage
  • STURDY AND STEALTHY PACKAGING:Comes with 2 hanging cables connected to each corner and an 8' grounded power cord,all fixtures come fully equipped with 6500K florescent tubes of corresponding quantity and size
  • LONG-LASTING LIGHT AND GREAT SUPPORT: All bulbs are rated for 20,000 hours of use under ideal conditions, so if bulb longevity is an issue within a year, please contact us to take advantage of our 1-year warranty; Two-year warranty for the fixture-UL certified for safe operation

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