VIVOSUN Grower Spotlight: David Sanfilippo’s Story


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VIVOSUN Grower Spotlight
VIVOSUN Grower Spotlight_David Sanfilippo’s Story
Introducing VIVOSUN August Grower Spotlight-David Sanfilippo

How did you hear about VIVOSUN?

After months of researching products to suit my indoor growing need

What VIVOSUN products do you use?

I started out with a grow tent, GrowHub Controller, and duct fan and continue to grow my VIVOSUN collection

How long have you grown weed and/or smoked for?

Smoked for many years lol but have been growing for 5 or 6 now

What’s your favorite strain? 

Definitely have been enjoying various cheese strains lately

What’s your specialty? Organic, mostly organic, or hydroponics? 

Mostly organic been a soil grower for a while but have been exploring getting into coco/perlite with a drain-to-waste setup which is a hybrid I would say

Auto, photo, both, or regs? 

I’ve done both auto and photo fems but have been doing strictly photos of late. I prefer their more stable genetics and quality

Quality or quantity?

Def quality

Biggest yield on one plant? 

Usually so 4-5 plants per 4×4 for better quality but I’d say around 13-14oz

Favorite stoner movie and song (it’s OK if it’s not a stoner movie/song) 

Absolutely Dazed and Confused!!

Favorite way to medicate? Joints, blunts, pipes, bongs, edibles, etc. 

I enjoy joints and edibles

If you were stranded on an island with an abundance of cannabis, what 3 things would you want to have with you? 

My Xbox pizza and my wife! Lol

Why did you start growing cannabis? Or why do you grow?

About 12 years ago my wife was diagnosed with nerve damage in her neck and right arm so subsequently the doctors started throwing pills at her left and right. She didn’t want to take all that stuff all the garbage and synthetic junk that big pharma pushes on people so she started smoking pit again. I mean come on we did back in high school lol. But we had kind of stopped with the kids and everything. But she was finding it helpful a lot so the amount she would smoke kept getting to be more and more plus at the time around here we didn’t have dispensaries so it wasn’t like you could call your guy and ask what strains he had for pain or nerves lol! So we started researching different strains and their benefits for different symptoms. Not to mention how much it costs. From there I started growing it right at home for her and me. She will smoke or eat edibles throughout the day right along with her normal medication plus I have always had trouble sleeping so I like to roll one up at bedtime to help me sleep through the night. Not only do we save money and have symptom-specific strains now but it has also really turned into a very passionate hobby for me. There’s nothing like sitting back and rolling up a J of some fire that you yourself grew all the way from seed!!

Do you have a short funny story about growing or being stoned that you would like to share? 

I’m the type of person that if I’m going to do something I have to completely understand how it works or how to do it. My brain has always been that way. So when I was first looking into growing my own at home I researched everything you possibly can related to indoor growing. The tents, the lights, the mediums, environmental controls, strains, nutrients, soil vs. hydro, every small detail one could think of for home growing. I’m not talking about a couple articles I’m talking I spent months reading everything I could get my hands on. Every day after work I would come home and sit in my chair and read until bedtime. To the point where Mrs. started calling it my mistress because between work and research, I wasn’t even talking to her hardly at all!! Even though my initial motivation to do it was to help her lol!! Now years later the research part may be somewhat done with (in this business things are ever evolving, there is always more knowledge to learn) but my mistress still remains as this has turned into a passion!!! But at least now I make sure I make time for my wife!!!

What’s the 1 piece of advice you would give to a new grower? Or what is the one thing you wished someone told you before you started? 

Just one? Lol!! The 2 biggest things I think I’ve learned through my journey are that one, yes, I definitely recommend to everyone starting out to do the research. Watch the YouTube channels and learn as much knowledge as you can about indoor growing but remember in the end every plant is different. These ladies are loving beings and the best thing you can do is learn to listen to them! They will tell you exactly what they want and when they want it. It isn’t something you can read in a book how to do. It is something that comes from experience and spending time with them. Two, don’t be afraid to fail. It doesn’t matter who you are or how long you’ve been growing we all started at the beginning and we all lost plants. From beginner to master grower we have all lost some girls along the way, it’s part of the journey. Also, one thing I wish someone had told me at the beginning, don’t cheap out on the light. It may be the single most important piece of equipment you’ll buy. So save your money and get a good power plant for your ladies. Not some cheapo no name brand off Amazon. All you’re going to end up doing is buying another one in 5-6 months so why waste your hard-earned money.

What new products of VIVOSUN would you like to see in the future?

The smart grow system is fantastic!!! I would love to see an outlet controller for heaters, humidifier, dehumidifier that connects to the smart grow system As always if you have any questions you can message our Instagram or Facebook and we’ll be glad to help you out! We’re happy you’re on this journey and we want to help in any way we can. Subscribe to the VIVOSUN newsletter for growing tips, grower stories, and special offers, and get 12% off your first order! We love the new VIVOSUN Smart Grow System and we are certain that you too will love it once you try it. And join our Facebook farmer’s community for even more exclusive contests and prizes! Download VIVOSUN App to get 18% off and explore more information! VIVOSUN App