Switching to Flower


flowerAfter around 4-6 weeks of Vegetation you will want to start thinking about Flowering. You will want to switch when your plants are large enough to give you the most buds but not too large that it will overgrow your space since your plants will stretch during flower – and sometimes they’ll stretch to as much as 3 times the size during Veg.

This brief article will help you when it’s time to flip over to Flowering.

Switch your light to 12 on 12 off.

This is the first step as plants need 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness to signal it is time to start flowering.

Increase light intensity.

Slowly increase your light intensity over a few days so that your plants get used to stronger light. After a few days you can run your light at 100% intensity to give your plants as much light as possible to achieve the biggest buds you can get.

Focus on climate.

In Flower you need to have humidity around 40-60% so it’s important to start lowering humidity when you switch into Flower, since your humidity during veg will be 50-70%. Controlling humidity is key for the switch – running your fan at a higher level or using a dehumidifier can help reduce excess humidity.

Begin switching to flower nutrients.

Switching to flower nutrients means that we need to reduce the nitrogen levels and increase the magnesium and phosphorus levels when we do our feedings. This will start to help your plants get the right food they need to start making buds. Switching to “bloom” or “flower” nutrient mixtures will be enough as they have the correct proportions of nutrients.

Switching to flower is not hard. Sometimes we might flip too early or too late but with trial and error and a bit of know-how you won’t have any trouble turning your plants to flower. We hope this helps you determine when the best time to flip to flower is for your garden. If you have any questions, please reach out and we will be happy to help.