Physically Supporting Germinating Plants


Your seeds are germinated and planted, and they are growing tall and are at risk of tipping over. In this article we will discuss some of the easy ways to support the seedlings with household objects so you can keep those seedlings upright.

What is Physically Supporting Germinating Plants?

One of the easiest ways is to add more soil around the base of the plant. This domed-up soil will help keep the plant standing upright. But what if you don’t have space to add more soil?

If you can’t add more soil to the base you can stick a pencil in the soil next to the plant. You must be careful not to puncture the root system. With the pencil next to the plant, you can use a delicately-attached piece of tape to hold the seedling next to the pencil.

Germinating Plants

Another method is to use a small piece of wire or twine. Take the wire and on one end make a loop, mostly closed. Stick the straight end in the soil next to the seedling; the end with the loop should face towards the top of the seedling. Bend the loop horizontal to the seedling and use the opening to slide the seedling inside the circle.

Another technique is to plant the seed in a pot only half full of soil so when your plant sprouts and stretches you can add the rest of the soil to the post and keep the seedling upright.

Each of these methods will help keep your seedling standing towards the light. A small fan blowing across them will also help strengthen the stem making them more resilient and less likely to bend over. Now you know a few tips on how to fix your seedlings when they fall over in the beginning stretch.

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