Smart Grow System – An Intelligent Technology to Manage Your Equipment


Smart grow system is a new kind of technology that utilizes an internet connection to link equipment with a single platform like the VIVOSUN App. A smart grow system solves a lot of the problems that growers will eventually run into, are easy to use and set up, are simple to maintain, and yet are powerful enough for expert growers who want flexibility.

VIVOSUN Smart Grow System

So what makes the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System a great choice for your first grow? Let’s take a look.

  1. The Smart Grow System synthesizes all your equipment onto one platform, making it easy to make adjustments, watch the performance, and program activity down to the minute.
  2. It provides the best solution for airflow and lighting because the AeroLight positions airflow in the best place to provide circulation into a plant’s canopy.
  3. You can automate your grow, set it, and forget it, and allow the system to manage the minutiae of timing and reactions to temperature and humidity issues – you don’t even need to be in your house to make sure your plants are OK.
  4. Get environmental alerts that will keep you up to date about changes to your environment.
  5. It’s easy to expand the system since smart devices can be connected and synthesized through the GrowHub Controller.
  6. You can recreate unique environmental situations that benefit your plants in their natural environments and you can do so automatically.
  7. It simplifies all the complexities of growing into a manageable level that anyone can do and anyone can utilize for better-growing results!

We hope this acts as a nice primer for the smart grow system.

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