Moving to the Vegetative Stage


So your seeds are germinated and you have seedlings that are growing well, but now the question is when do you start them in Vegetative Stage? Luckily you don’t have to do much to get them off to their best start.

Vegetative Stage

Moving to the Vegetative Stage

At this point your seedlings should have 3 or 4 sets of “true” leaves and they should be strong enough to support their own weight. Now is when we need to think about switching to a larger pot and encouraging our plants to grow quickly.

First, get a larger container. Some growers will go from solo cups that they started the seeds in to a 1-gallon pot to begin the Vegetative Stage. Take the 1-gallon pot and fill it most of the way with soil. Remove the plant from the starting pot by holding it sideways/upside-down and gently squeezing the sides of the pot until it releases. It’s better to do this when the soil is slightly dry so it holds together better. Place the soil and plant in the middle of the new pot. Fill the rest of the empty space with soil and water the pot lightly.

When the seedling is about 2-3 weeks old they will enter the Vegetative Stage and will start growing rapidly. This is why it’s necessary to give the roots more space to grow. Now get ready to see the plants really take off and keep reading to see what to do next!

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