Cannabis Growing – How to Make Nutrient Water Last Longer


Nutrients are required for any indoor plant, especially for plants that grow large and grow flowers with compounds like THC. Questions about nutrients might come up like, “How long can I store nutrient water before it goes bad?” “Will old nutrient water hurt my plants?” or, “How do I make nutrient water last longer?” It’s a good question since you might want to make some extra nutrient water and store it later—there are a few things that we should pay attention to before we start planning on how to make nutrient water last longer.

-You should store your nutrient water in a container with minimal air, filled to the top—as close to the bottle cap as possible—and seal the top as tight as possible.

-Once you open the nutrient water solution and start using it, be sure to use it quickly (or store them in smaller containers) because once you expose the water to air the solution becomes the perfect place for bacterial growth.

– Organic nutrients usually go bad faster and the wrong environment encourages bacterial growth. Mineral-based nutrients last longer than organic ones.

-Think of nutrient water like you think of milk: if the liquid is filled to the top of the container everything will stay fresh until the container is opened. Like milk, once it is opened, the clock’s ticking. If your nutrient water does not have a good smell or looks weird, don’t use it. Use your nose and eyes and common sense.

Make Nutrient Water Last Longer

How to maximize nutrient solution storage?

Making a nutrient solution costs time so making a lot can save a bit of time. Because making 1 gallon of nutrient water takes approximately the same amount of work as 5 gallons. In the following section, we will teach you step by step how to make nutrient water last longer.

1. Cap on or off?

This might seem unimportant but the cap for your container is key:

-When the container is full of nutrient water or nearly full, screw the lid tight to keep air out. Put it in a cool or dark place, which will help it last a few weeks.

-When the nutrient water is low in the container, do not unscrew the cap, because fresh air will get into the container, which will encourage bacterial growth.

2. Put the container in a cool place.

Do not put your nutrient water in the freezer. Store it in temperatures under 70°F / 20°C. If temperatures are higher than that it encourages microorganism growth.

3. Keep nutrient water in a place without light.

Some microorganisms can use light as energy to grow fast in your nutrient water. Make sure to put the nutrient water in a dark place, or a box with a cover, it will last longer.

4. Use mineral nutrients.

Natural nutrient solutions, that are derived from organic material, will go bad faster. Use mineral nutrients since minerals do not decompose.

5. Observe your nutrients every couple of days.

Sometimes, even though you screw the cap tightly and put it in the dark, your nutrient solution can still go bad. It could be that your organic nutrients started rotting or growing or the chemical compounds have started crystallizing. It’s important to make sure the solution is still alright.

Signs your nutrient solution is still good Signs your nutrient solution is bad
The container is tightly sealed Smell bad
You tightly screw the cap back on after each use Appears cloudy inside the container
Your container is stored upright Crystals have formed in the container
You keep the container in a cool, dark place but don’t freeze it Looks/smells different from the first time you opened it

Make Nutrient Water Last Longer

OK now we know how to make nutrient water last longer, just keep following this guide and try the method above. You’ll find it useful for your next solution.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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