Long-Term Cannabis Storage


When we grow at home we can actually grow a lot so we might run into the problem of having too much weed and not knowing how to save it (but is this really a problem??). Here’s a short guide to guide you through long-term storage to keep your cannabis fresh and clean!

Factors Affecting Freshness

Temperature Probably the most important factor. Elevated temps cause terpenes and cannabinoids to evaporate and encourages mildew.
Humidity Mold grows rapidly if heat and humidity work together. Too low humidity will turn your buds brittle. We recommend using a hygrometer to monitor your humidity.
Light UV rays degrade terpenes and cannabinoids.
Oxygen Oxygen also causes cannabis to degrade.


Good Storage Ideas

  • Store your cannabis in a dark container
  • Store your cannabis in an air-tight container that stays vacuum sealed
  • Keep the humidity around 60% RH; below 50% will dry out your buds and above 60% will encourage mold
  • Keep your cannabis a little below room temperature at 65 °F
  • Use a mason jar and keep it in a dark closet or cupboard
  • Use The Cannador for perfect storage conditions (basically like a cigar box)

Bad Storage Ideas

  • Refrigerators: The high humidity will cause mold over time
  • Clear containers: Letting light through will degrade terpenes and ruin the flavor
  • Open containers: You’ll probably dry at your weed

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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