How to use the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System–Manually Managing Components


From the dashboard, click on any component (light, circulation fan, exhaust fan) to manage the settings for that component.

Light Settings

The light can be run in Manual or Cycle mode.  In Manual mode, the light will be powered on at all times.  Cycle mode will allow for the light to cycle off for a defined period.

In addition to setting the mode, the intensity, spectrum, and sunrise/sunset can be set as well.

Circulation Fan Settings

The circulation can be run in Manual or Cycle mode.

In Manual mode, you can choose off, speeds 1-10, or ‘Wind’ mode which mimics a natural breeze.

In Cycle mode, you can also choose the cycle schedule (on/off schedule)

Exhaust Fan Settings

In addition to Manual and Cycle modes, the exhaust allows an Auto mode to adjust based on the environment.

In Manual mode, you can adjust the speed of the exhaust manually.

Cycle mode allows you to cycle the exhaust on and off.  You can turn it on for 10 minutes and off for 50, or one for 1 minute and off for 5.

Auto mode allows you to set temperature & humidity triggers for the exhaust to turn on, off, and increase/decrease.

TIP: You can mix Cycle and Auto modes in a recipe.

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