How to Use the Vivosun Smart Grow System? – 5. Environment View


Use the Vivosun App for better control of the smart grow system. Click on the Environment Display to go to the Environment View. This screen allows you to view environment history.  It also shows component logs and allows for some GrowHub Controller settings.   


You can change whether the graphs show the inside or outside environment.

Change display time period

You can click to change the graph time period to Hour, Day, Week, or Month.  You can also use your fingers to pinch/stretch any graph for a custom time period.

Using the Environment Graphs

The Environment View shows line charts for Temperature, Humidity, and VPD for the selected time period.  You can also click on any graph to see more detailed information about the environment and components for that particular moment.

the Environment View

Viewing Logs

You can view application logs for any component for any date.  Click on the date to change the date displayed.

View Logs to Check the Date and the Grow Light

Changing Settings

Click here to change the settings

the Change of Settings

Rename device

You can rename the GrowHub Controller that is attached to this garden.  This may be useful if you have multiple GrowHub Controllers and to distinguish them from each other.

Firmware Update

Used to update firmware

Additional Settings

Used for additional GrowHub Controller and App settings

the Use of Additional Settings

1. Screen Duration

Use this to set how long the GrowHub Controller screen stays on with no touches.

2. Screen Brightness

Use this to change the GrowHub Controller screen brightness

3. Temperature Display (C/F)

Used on the GrowHub Controller and the Vivosun application to display temperature appropriately.

4. Duct Fan Auto Trigger Mode (Standard/Advanced)


5. Delete Device

Used to delete the device attached to this garden.

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