How to Tell When Your Buds Have Cured Properly


Hey you! Great work getting this far with your growing process, you’re amazing! So you’re facing your final step and you’re thinking to yourself, “Hey, how do I know when my buds have cured properly?” Good news for you, we have your answer right here! First, we’ll look at a super quick summary of curing and the timing of the process, and then we’ll look at what you should expect from cured buds.

A Quick Summary of the Curing Process

Curing is bets done by putting your buds in a glass mason jar with a screwing lid that can seal the top with a vacuum seal. Curing usually takes 4 – 8 weeks and the Relative Humidity should be around 60% throughout the process. Be sure to check your buds frequently, for the first week open your jar for a few minutes twice a day and then after that open your jar once a day for a few minutes. This helps remove excess humidity. Your mason jar should be about 1/3 the way full to ensure enough air transfer.

How Do You Know if Your Buds Are Ready?

Over time, you’ll be checking your buds all the time and during these checks you’ll start to recognize that your buds are ripening: they’ll start to smell nice, they’ll start to become a little firmer. Luckily for you there is a bit of flexibility of when you can use your cannabis: You’ll probably be able to smoke them around 3 weeks after you start curing. If you wait a little longer you’ll have a little better flavor but if you can’t help yourself, go for it, enjoy your weed, enjoy your hard work, you deserve it!


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