How Do You Plant A Seed?


Planting a seed depends on the medium you are going to use. We’ll talk about a few different media in this article: Soil, coco-coir, hydroponics, and Rockwool. We will also talk about what kind of preparation and what kind of maintenance you’ll need to do around planting a seed.


Soil refers to any soil, potting soil, soil and perlite mixture, or any other media containing soil. It is what you are most familiar with.

Get your soil damp before you plant your seed.

It might be better to germinate your seedling before you plant it—we recommend you read our article on germination.

  • Create a small divot in the soil and place your seed, taproot downwards, and cover the seedling with a small layer of soil, just a few centimeters. We recommend planting your seedlings in a Solo cup.
  • Make sure your lights are not too close to the soil, otherwise you risk drying it out the soil.
  • Cover your seedlings with plastic film to keep humidity in.
  • You can also use one of our propagation trays, which will help you regulate temperature and humidity.
  • Try to keep your humidity between 65-70%.
  • Depending on the size of the container, you likely will not have to water the soil but you will need to mist the plants and the environment to maintain stable humidity.
    Plant A Seed


Coco-coir can come in pellet form, blocks, or loose shavings. Coco-coir is the remains of coconut husks and makes for an excellent, pH-neutral growing medium. It has great drainage.

  • We recommend germinating your seed before planting. Try one of the methods we mention in the article linked above.
  • If your coco coir is in pellet or block form, take it out of its packaging and soak it in warm water. If it is loose, take it out of the bag and soak it and squish it together.
  • Form the coco coir into balls, squish them into shape and push small holes into the center—this is where you will plant your seedling.
  • Squish the coco coir around the seed—not too tightly, just close it enough to hold it in place.
  • Keep your coco coir moist but don’t have them too wet. You may also need to add nutrients since coco coir does not hold any.

Plant A Seed

Hydroponics and Rockwool

Hydroponics can either be done by DWC or ebb-and-flow methods. Check this article for details. With hydroponics, you can germinate your seeds easily:

  • Soak your Rockwool in water until it is soggy.
  • Press a small hole into the Rockwool where you will plant your seed.
  • Place the seed inside and gently squeeze the Rockwool around it.
  • Put the Rockwool in your hydroponics tray; make sure the Rockwool stays moist with the hydroponics system.
  • Run your hydro system as you would normally without adding any nutrients.

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