Environmental Conditions When Drying Cannabis


One of the most important steps when growing cannabis is drying properly. Achieving the proper environment when drying requires a couple different factors. This short article will explain them to help you dry your buds properly so you can get the best results out of your harvest.

Whether you dry trim or wet trim, you will want to make sure the conditions around your harvest are as close to perfect as possible. We should aim for a drying time of around 7-10 days. To achieve this you will want a dark room with the humidity around 60% and the temperature of around 60 °F. A small fan that circulates air in the room, but not directly on the drying plants, will help as well. This airflow will help prevent the buds from getting moldy during this stage.

After around 7-10 days after you begin drying, the buds should begin to snap away from the main stems and this shows that the buds are ready to either for a dry trim or go into jars to begin the curing process. Remember, this is just a suggestion rather than a hard and fast rule so your buds might take a little longer or be ready a little sooner. The purpose of slow drying is that we remove the chlorophyll smell and taste from the buds – if we dry too fast we’ll be left with a slightly off, plant-like taste that is harsh and uncomfortable to smoke – it’s better to dry a bit longer if your smoke is harsh.

Our goal is to have the best smelling and best tasting product after spending so long growing the best plants. If we are careful during drying and take our time we will ensure all our efforts will not be in vain. If you have any questions, please reach out and we will be happy to help!


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