Choosing A Grow Space


Choosing a grow space is a crucial first step before you start growing. We recommend new growers opt to grow in a tent. We’ll go over why tents usually work better than a basement or a garage, but we’ll also talk about what factors you’ll need to control for when you’re growing indoors.


Grow Tents

Grow tents have quite a few benefits over growing in an “open” space like a garage, closet, or basement.

Grow tents Other grow spaces (closets, garages, basements, etc.)
Mylar-lined reflective surface increases light efficiency Need to purchase Mylar to enclose space or you lose a lot of light
Contains light, which means your plants grow healthy Light leak is common, which can cause hermaphroditism
Fabric contains temperature and humidity relatively well Space is usually larger and airflow is not restrained/controlled so temperature and humidity can change rapidly
Helps control odors Odors can leak out through cracks and beneath doors
Helps isolate plants from potential pathogens Pathogens enter the house on clothing and shoes so if you’re growing in a “public” space in your home you’re risking exposing your plants


What factors affect grow spaces

Regardless of where you’re growing, you’re going to have to manage your environment: airflow, temperature, humidity, light, and pathogens. The better you’re able to control these elements, the better environment you can create for your plants. Obviously, it is much easier to control these factors in a grow tent because you essentially have a reflective fabric box that isolates your plants – humidity won’t escape as easily, light is kept inside, and temperature will be at whatever room temperature is. This also illustrates another drawback of growing in a place like a basement or a garage: usually, garages are not insulated meaning temperature and humidity fluctuate; closets are close to where we live so light can leak through doors causing problems in plant development; and odors leak out of any uninsulated space.

So basically, we need consider the following:

  • How can we control temperatures when the weather is bad
  • How do we ensure light is contained
  • How do we control odors
  • How do we protect our plants from pathogens

All of these can be done with a few tricks. We recommend:

  • Ensuring your grow space has some kind of insulation or has heat/cooling
  • Build an enclosure for your plants, whether that means sealing the cracks at the bottom of doors or padding closets
  • Using some kind of filter combined with an inline fan to remove odors
  • Changing our clothing before entering our grow space

Good luck, we hope these tips help and your plants are happy and healthy!

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