Clones or Seeds-What is the Difference Between Cannabis Clones and Seeds


Of course, the primary way to grow any plant is by the biological reproductive process that plants use—seeds. But cannabis, like a lot of other plants, can be bred by either seeds or a process called “cloning.” What is the difference between cannabis clones and seeds? We’re going to talk about the pros and cons of these two types of seeds. Is one better than another? Let’s get started.

What Are Cannabis Clones and Seeds? – What is the Difference Between Cannabis Clones and Seeds

What are cannabis seeds? They are the seeds that come from a cannabis plant. Like most plants, female cannabis plants can produce seeds that have a variation of their genetics. Cannabis plants only produce seeds when they are fertilized by male plants.

What are cannabis clones? Clones are “cuttings” of branches from a live cannabis plant that a grower will use for the next grow. It shares the same genetics as the living plant that it was cut from. Usually, these cuttings are fresh, young shoots, and the bottom where the cut has been made is covered with a “cloning” solution, a nutrient and chemical mixture that stimulates root growth. If done correctly, clones will grow into fully mature marijuana plants.

In the following article, we will discuss the difference between cannabis clones and seeds, and their advantages and disadvantages.

the Difference Between Cannabis Clones and Seeds

Growing From Cannabis Seeds – What is the Difference Between Cannabis Clones and Seeds

The traditional way of growing cannabis is to use a seed. Most of the growers will use this method, especially home growers because it is simple and familiar.

Pros of Growing Cannabis From Seeds Cons of Growing Cannabis From Seeds
It is easy to buy seeds

You can order cannabis seeds online or buy them from dispensaries. Once you start your own grow, you can get an endless supply of seeds.

Seeds may not germinate

You have to germinate cannabis seeds before you start your grow. To stimulate germination you have to create a moist and warm environment. Even if you create the best environment possible there will always be a chance that these seeds won’t germinate—about 10-20% of seeds will never germinate. Not the worst thing in the world, but it can be a headache.

Seeds offer fresh genetics

When you use a seed, the new plant inherits the fresh genetics from its mother and father plants. If you use a clone, it has been in a moldy or dangerous environment and this will pollute your clones.

Seeds take longer to grow than clones

Compared to clones, seeds will take longer to get to harvest. There are four stages of the growing process: germination, seedling, vegetative, and flowering. Germination and seedling stage need about 3 weeks, but clones can directly start from the vegetative stage (albeit being small).

You can buy feminized seeds

In the past, male plants we always something to watch out for because if you don’t remove them soon enough you’ll have fertilized females. Nowadays, you can buy feminized seeds, guaranteeing female plants.

Seeds have a chance of genetic variation

Seeds’ genetics are similar to their parent plants, but each of them has its own unique genetic code. Even if they’re from the same mother plant, your seeds won’t be exactly like the mothers.

Multiple seeds options

Besides using feminized seeds, you can also choose to use regular seeds or autoflowering seeds. Regular seeds can produce both male and female cannabis plants. Autoflowers grow based on age rather than photoperiod and are extremely efficient and accessible types of cannabis. With seeds, you can get pretty much anything.

Growing From Cannabis Clones – What is the Difference Between Cannabis Clones and Seeds

A clone is a branch cutting directly from a live mother plant, so it shares the exactly same genetics as the mother plants. Growing with the clones will make you guaranteed genetics. It means growing from cannabis clones can be a more precise option than growing from seeds.

Pros of Growing Cannabis From Clones Cons of Growing Cannabis From Clones
Clones always have the same genes as their parents

One of the biggest reasons people choose to use a clone is that they have the same genetics as their mother plants. If you love the plant you’re growing you should clone it.

High-quality clones can be hard to find

You might think it is easy to make a clone but it can be tricky. Clones are living cuttings and may be subjected to local regulations, so be sure to check whether cloning is legal where you live. As well, it can be very difficult to purchase a clone.

Growing clones is a faster process, saving time

The growing process for a clone is much shorter than growing from a seed.

Cloned plants are fragile

Adult clones are not as hardy compared to adult plants that you’ve grown from seed. This is because clones don’t grow taproots.

Clones will bear baggage from their mother plant

Maybe the biggest drawback of cannabis clones is that they will carry negative traits from their mother plant. If a clone’s mother plant has diseases, mildew, or any genetic problems, the clone will also carry them. Also, if you get a clone from outside, make sure it is safe and won’t infect other plants—quarantine them and observe them until you know they are healthy.

You can’t clone clones too many times

You can clone a plant once, but if you try to clone a clone, the genetics begin to break down and the plant will likely not survive. As well, clones are unable to reproduce in any healthy way.


Final Thoughts Difference Between Cannabis Clones and Seeds – What is the Difference Between Cannabis Clones and Seeds

The difference between cannabis clones and seeds is numerous—there are benefits and drawbacks to both. If you’re a new grower, we suggest you use seeds instead of clones, because seeds are easy to start and you’ll be familiar with the lifecycle of a plant. Once you’re comfortable, or if you are ready to experiment, cloning is a great way to extend the harvests of a specific strain that you love.

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