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Congratulations to JT for winning the two VIVOSUN AeroWave E6 clip-on Fans (Third Prize ), Paul Pierce for winning the VIVOSUN AeroZesh T6 Inline Duct Fan and GrowHub E42A, (Second Prize), and last but not only, the most exciting Prize; VIVOSUN Smart Grow Box goes to Jose Yair Negrete

Introducing the VIVOSUN Smart Grow Box – the ultimate indoor gardening solution! This all-in-one ecosystem combines light, ventilation, circulation, fertilization, and watering for a flawless gardening experience. With the advanced LM301H LED from SAMSUNG, adjustable full-spectrum lighting caters to every growth stage. 

Click the link to learn more👉: https://www.vivosun.com/vivosun-smart-grow-box

the VIVOSUN Smart Grow Box

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