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Grow Tent: Maintenance and Repair

Love Your Grow Tent: Maintenance and Repair

So you have a grow tent and now you want to make sure it's in good shape to last as long as possible. Hopefully, this guide will help you keep your tent maintained and...
Replace Fertilizers

What Kind of Organic Matter Can be Used to Replace Fertilizers

We all run into the issue of finding the right nutrients for our gardens. But did you know that you can make some nutrients your plants will love with things you already have around...
cannabis storage

Keep Cannabis in Storage: What Should You Do

If you grow marijuana for your own use, after curing it properly, you will need to learn how to keep cannabis in storage properly to keep your weed fresh and potent. Many people throw...
top 6 strians

Top 6 Sativa strains in 2022

There are two main strains of cannabis: Sativa and Indica. Sativa contains higher THC, which has an uplifting and energizing effect, and Indica has a drowsy and relaxing effect. Some hybrids have features of both. If...
Strains of Cannabis

Our Favorite Smallest and “Largest” Strains of Cannabis

HulkBerry courtesy royalqueenseeds.com Did you know that there might be over one thousand different varieties of cannabis in the world? Maybe even more than that? All kinds of different sizes, potency, coloration, and intensity. Breeders of...
Best Color Spectrum for Vegetative Growth

What is the Best Color Spectrum for Vegetative Growth

Different color spectrums have different effects on the plants—your yields are heavily dependent on the light color you have chosen during different planting stages. It's hard to say exactly which color light works best...
water curing

All You Will Ever Want to Know about Water Curing Cannabis

After your cannabis is harvested, drying and curing are the next important steps to determining flavor and quality. Compared to conventional methods like curing in a mason jar, water curing your cannabis can cure...
cannabis plants height

What Affects Height of Cannabis Plants

If you’re only growing small amounts of cannabis at home or you haven’t yet started growing you need to prepare to deal with the height of the cannabis, lest you don’t have enough room to accommodate...

On PAR with LED Grow Lighting

PAR One of the confusing things about PAR is that it is not a measurement. It's just an acronym for the term Photosynthetic Active Radiation. PAR only takes the wavelengths of 400-700nm (nanometers) into consideration, because...
What to Do If Weed Gets Wet?

LST vs HST: Training Cannabis Plants

Looking to get the most from your plant? Do you know LST vs HST? You can apply a few techniques to double or even triple the amount you harvest at the end. These techniques...