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VIVOSUN Blog Email 06/10/2022 All about control of your tent environment! Simple techniques to grow better by controlling your environment How do I Increase Humidity in a Grow Tent Increasing humidity is simple enough but maintaining proper...

Love What You Grow

Learn how to grow with VIVOSUN growing guide! #LoveWhatYouGrow Prepare to grow Pick your seeds: https://vivosun.com/growing_guide/autoflowering-vs-feminized-seeds/ Pick your growing setup: https://vivosun.com/growing_guide/best-setup-for-indoor-grow-room/  Pick your light: https://vivosun.com/growing_guide/right-led-wattage-for-4x4-grow-tent/ Get your fresh air: https://vivosun.com/growing_guide/how-to-set-up-a-ventilation-system/ Keep the environment perfect:  https://vivosun.com/growing_guide/control-temperature-in-grow-tents/ ...
Strains of Cannabis

Our Favorite Smallest and “Largest” Strains of Cannabis

HulkBerry courtesy royalqueenseeds.com Did you know that there might be over one thousand different varieties of cannabis in the world? Maybe even more than that? All kinds of different sizes, potency, coloration, and intensity. Breeders of...
Retail Cannabis Price

What Industries Affect Retail Cannabis Price

It’s happening, the US is currently dealing with major economic inflation and that is having a cascading effect on almost all consumer industries: gasoline, food price, coffee price, car repairs, retail services, flights—you name...
VIVOSUN Photography Competition

The VIVOSUN Photography Competition

VIVOSUN is hosting a new competition that we know will inspire your creativity! We love all the fantastic photography that our fans share with us and we think it is about time to start...
Earth Day

Every Day Is Earth Day! Let’s Remember Why It Is Important

Every year on April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. Earth Day is a reminder that we all share a single planet, that our actions on this planet have consequences for our friends and families...

VIVOSUN AeroZesh: Fully Controllable Ventilation

VIVOSUN is happy to announce the release of the VIVOSUN AeroZesh, our new ventilation fan system designed with usability, power, and efficiency in mind. The AeroZesh is our first ventilation fan integrated into our...
VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller

VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller—Discover How the GrowHub Will Change the Way You Grow

VIVOSUN is proud to announce the arrival of the GrowHub Controller and App, the new digital control hub for the VIVOSUN Smart System. The VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller is a powerful all-in-one control system that connects...

NEW! VIVOSUN AeroLight—the Revolutionary Way to Grow Indoors

VIVOSUN is proud to announce the all new AeroLight, the first ever LED grow light system with a fully integrated circulatory fan (patent pending), as a part of the VIVOSUN Smart System. And VIVOSUN...
How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Legally Grow

How Many Cannabis Plants Can You Legally Grow in Your State

Cannabis laws are quickly changing and states are becoming more open to the idea of how many cannabis plants can people legally grow at home. Public sentiment has dramatically shifted over the past decade...