Switching to Flower

After around 4-6 weeks of Vegetation you will want to start thinking about Flowering. You will want to switch when your plants are large enough to give you the most buds but not too...

Training during veg.

Training during the vegetative stage is important as it allows you to get the most out of your plants. There are different ways to train your plants: some are high stress and others are...

Watering and Feeding During Veg

Getting the right wet and dry cycle for your cannabis plants is crucial and every plant is different—you can expect that plants that share the same genetics might have slightly different watering and feeding...

Defoliation During the Vegetative Stage

Defoliation is the process of trimming away leaves in such a way that it helps increase yield. There is some discussion whether defoliation is actually helpful or not but in our opinion and experience...

How to Grow During Vegetative Stage?

The two most important stages of plant growth are the vegetative stage and the flowering stage. The vegetative stage is a growth stage connecting the seedling stage and the flowering stage. After growing the...
Best Color Spectrum for Vegetative Growth

What is the Best Color Spectrum for Vegetative Growth?

Different color spectrums have different effects on the plants—your yields are heavily dependent on the light color you have chosen during different planting stages. It's hard to say exactly which color light works best...
Treat White Powdery Mildew

Best Ways to Treat White Powdery Mildew

My Story with White Powdery Mildew: I was having an excellent veg cycle. Every day the plant was getting bigger and the leaves were getting dense and massive—some had 11 fingers and were almost...

Techniques to Speed Up the Veg Stage

When you've truly become a grower and you've got everything set up to start growing, you'll want to speed up your plants' growth, whether it's for a change of address or a desire to...
Transition from Vegetative to Flowering

How to Transition from Vegetative to Flowering

As growers, there are a lot of little things to consider when switching your plantstransition from vegetative to flowering. Switching at the right time can guarantee the maximum output of your harvests, reduce time...