How to Grow During Flowering Stage?

Flowering is the final stage of a cannabis plant's growth before it is harvested and the most important stage of its life cycle. At this stage, the cannabis flower buds begin to grow and...

How Often Do You Need to Feed and Water During Flowering?

Asking how much you need to feed and water your plants is a simple question with a complicated answer. As much as I wish it was a simple answer of “x amount every y...
Improving Plant Health

Improving Plant Health During Flowering

How to Improving Plant Health? In this article we will cover four different topics that will help improve your plant’s health during Flowering. Of course, these tips will vary based on your plants, your growing...

Defoliating during Flowering

Defoliation is the process of removing leaves that are not actively capturing light, that are taking space, and that are demanding energy that your plant could be sending to your buds. The fewer points...
How to Prevent Hay Smell When Drying Cannabis Plants

How to Prevent Hay Smell When Drying Cannabis?

It is always a horrible nightmare for indoor cannabis growers that we have the “hay smell” at home after drying their marijuana buds. It is frustrating for everyone, especially since we cannot find the...
sign of the flowering stage

Cannabis Growing – the Sign of Flowering Stage

There is usually a sign of the flowering stage before it begins so pay attention to your plants so you can time things well. The flowering stage is the final stage of growing before...
Bud Rot

Bud Rot: What, Why and How

Bud rot, aka Botrytis, is a common gray mold that growers likely will face at one time or another. Botrytis usually occurs when there is poor air circulation and humidity issues in an enclosed space; it can...

How Often Should I Fertilize during the Flowering Stage?

We always want to maximize the yields when harvesting, however, this may not be as easy as we think. Yields are decided by a variety of factors—light, water, and nutrients to name a few....
Fatten up Buds before Harvest

How to Fatten Up Buds Before Harvest?

Thicker, more compact, and heavier buds are what we’re looking for. Usually, you can see the most bud development during weeks 5-7 and it can be disappointing to see the light, airy buds; they...